DIAD is involved, since 1987, in several industrial businesses related to the collection, storage, treatment and recovery/recycling of oil from industrial and alimentary sector and development of new clean technologies.

Today DIAD is a well known company in its sector, with thousands of customers and a strong partnership all over the world, and is one of the faster growing company, which find its success factor in the constant transformation of the knowledge produced by applied research into technologies and services for different industrial sectors (aerospace manufacturing, nanotechnology).


In fact DIAD invests a big part of its annual revenue in applied research, through the dynamic DIAD R&D, an independent department, that serves all the industrial sectors covered by the customers. New business models and processes are designed and benchmarked through integrated approaches based on the environmental compatibility, the life cycle and the cost effectiveness.

The DIAD industrial approach is based on the following fundamentals:
  1. Constant quality control strategies on the by-products obtained by development of recovery and regeneration activities;

  2. Development and consultancies on fully eco-compatible technologies suitable to high efficient processing;

  3. Application of new networked business models and related control factors;

  4. Continuous application of new knowledge based services and customized cost effective solutions;

  5. Implementation of strategic business tools for Customer satisfaction.

This approach is totally reflected in all the direct industrial activities of the company, and in a series of products, services and projects finalized to the competitiveness of its Customers, as:

  1. Engineering of technologies and products for sustainable and clean manufacturing

  2. Development of high performance vegetal oils for cost competitive and eco-compatible lubrication and actuation;

  3. Application of nanotechnology based surface engineering to manufacturing and food processing industry;

  4. Technologies of Eco Efficient Activation For Hyper Functional Surfaces;

  5. Product and Process Life Cycle and recovery /recycling methods;

  6. Industrial implementation of energy saving policy.

Knowledge, is becoming increasingly important and is considered by DIAD as a 'product' and requires a serious approach to the management of the intellectual property rights.




Since 2007 DIAD srl is proud member of the Board of AMRC-Boeing, the largest facilities in the world for development of aerospace manufacturing technologies



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